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Our Man In Brisbane

The Adventures of the Man from Porlock

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The story of a Historian in Australia in the early years of the 21st century. Perhaps a diverting one, perhaps not. It's up to you to judge.

People And Places Frequently Appearing Here: A Guide
Very Important
Krista - gliriolielin, my girlfriend

Simon - younger brother
Kit - youngest brother
Mark - older half-brother
Cathryn - older half-sister
Pete/Petes/Peter B - cousin

Kat - old friend, occasional comedic foil
Doug - oldest friend, comic relief, computer fixy person
Kellyanne - exactly 365 days older than me, friend who doubles as the devil on my left shoulder

Academic Types
Renee - The cause of my Middle Eastern specialisation
Bob - A Professor of Southeast Asian history whose job description runs to keeping me under control

Work - Westpac Bank
Uni - University of Queensland, St Lucia campus

Language Abilities
English - native first language
German - fluent, 10 years of study coupled with some travel (ILR-5)
Dutch - ILR-3, although a little rusty at times
Turkish - isolated understanding, one year desultory study (ILR-1 if I'm lucky)
Croatian - weak ILR-1 at present, with a goal of ILR-2 at least
Arabic - script legibility and isolated understanding, one semester of study
Minor knowledge of some other languages, mostly large Romance languages

Occasionally, I use phrases in other languages. Deal with it.

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